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Traces of the past, the signs of the time are still there ready to be read, discovered and deciphered.
And most of the time are the religious buildings to house the most obvious, ranging from Roman times to the baroque splendor.

The Middle Ages transmits all its charm, its mystery in ‘fascinating sacred area of Gravesend, where we find one of the most special of Lombard Romanesque Santa Maria del Linden, but also on the shores of Lake Mezzola where shrouded in silence and nature is the oratory of San Fedelino the year one thousand.

The language of the Renaissance is very alive and present and is a real surprise to find whole series of frescoes in good condition and excellent pictorial as those in Santa Maria delle Grazie in Gravesend, in San Vincenzo in Gera Lario or San Martino in Montemezzo and again in San Miro Sorico or San Giacomo di Livo.


Is it really a surprise ‘500 altolariano, some have even called for this reason up the small Tuscan Como Lario.
Finally, the ‘600 with bright colors and plays of the Fiammenghino his hell in a church just as amazing as the Sant ‘Eusebio Peglio built in a splendid position overlooking the lake and the surrounding mountains.
The ‘uniqueness and artistic beauty of these places become even more unmissable if you think the landscape to the charm of the natural environment in which they are located.